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Why did I begin to make collages ?

1gri2 : nana rose en collage.

Some years ago I was a big consumer of different magazines. Like everyone usually does, I used to throw out a majority of them, but I also kept some.

Rarely for a captivating article, but often for an image that I liked. For its colour. Or its shape. Or the idea it referred to. Or for the image itself

At some point I was invaded by the magazines and I had to make a selection. If need be, you can cut up and keep an article that raises emotions in you.

But… Let me think... You can do the same with an image!

prochaine exposition de collage à nantes

So I started to cut up. First the whole page with the image I am interested in, then the image itself, often meticulously!

Then I started to file the images according to the colour or the theme.

So is born an image databank constituted of thousands of images coming from anything and everything, wisely filed and listed. Not only in ring binders, but also somewhere in my mind.

"And the images? What will I now do with these images? I can’t keep on stocking them… Let’s see… I like this one… And this one too…And if I put them side by side, it seems like…"

1gri2, artiste collagiste

Some talk about inspiration, of ideas that germinate. I partially agree because this is mainly about pleasure! To handle all these pieces of colourful papers and give free rein to my imagination is one of the biggest happiness I have in my life! To rearrange and stick these images allow me not only to give them a new birth through my universe but also to contribute to recycling under an other form!

I am not very very engaged in recycling but I consider that I already have colourful pieces of paper under my nose, so why should I use the painting or any other material to colour something? Besides, the handling of a paintbrush is not the same than scissors. And I suck with a paintbrush in my hands, but I rock with scissors!

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