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règles d'accessibilité

Accesskeys : some Internet surfers do not have the opportunity to surf appropriately with a mouse.

In order to neutralize this problem, this site has been designed so as to be entirely reachable from the keyboard.

You can find hereunder the key combinations to use the keyboard shortcuts allowing the access to the different sections of the site, according to the browsers.

Replace the term [accesskey] by the shortcut of your choice.

  • IE Windows : Alt and [accesskey], then Enter

  • Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon, FireFox Windows: Alt and [accesskey]

  • MSIE Macintosh: Ctrl and [accesskey], then Enter

  • Safari 1.2 Macintosh: Ctrl and [accesskey]

  • Mozilla, Netscape Macintosh: Ctrl and [accesskey]

  • Galeon/Mozilla/FireFox Linux: Alt and [accesskey]

  • Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror avant la version 3.3.0, Omniweb, Safari avant la version 1.2, Opera Windows/Linux avant la version 7, all do not support the accesskeys.

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List of the shortcuts

Principal browsing

For this part, we have observed the usual rules for the accesskeys.

Secondary browsing

For this part we have decided that the first link of the secondary browsing (on the left of the page) has for accesskey the key “q”. Then, for the next links, the following keys on a qwerty keyboard.

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Browsing by tabulation

touche tabulation

You can browse from a link to an other link (in logical order) by using the tabulation keys.

1-Once the link has been chosen, press Enter to reach the page you want.

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Table of contents

The site has a table of contents ((a kind of plan of the site) to access faster to all the pages of the site.

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1-The scripts used on this site do not have any influence on the browsing or the consultation of the pages, which remain reachable without a javascript support. (Priority 1).

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The text exists in French and English. The eventual modifications of language in a text are indicated by the xml:lang characteristic. The main language of each page is indicated by the xml:lang and lang characteristics. (Priority 3)).

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Structure and presentation

The difference between presentation and content allow to keep the coherence of the text outside any style sheets : title, menus, sections, content… (Priority 1).
The page setting rests on external cascading style sheets. (Priority 2).
The presentation of the site and the themes remain coherent on the whole site. The same type of style sheet is applied throughout the site. (Priority 3).
The pages of the site are structured using the elements h1, h2, h3 and h4, used in the indicated order.(Priority 2).

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