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2007 08 17:
A "LP" packaging add :"Sexy Sushi"
2007 07 24:
A new collage "Skyscrapper"
2007 07:
2 new collages "Fusion" and "discover a new world"

How did I become a collagist?

Creative and manual, I do paper assemblages and collages in the old-fashion way,

using only scissors, Stanley knives and glue. My “raw” material comes from magazines, newspapers, leaflets and other different types of papers that I find or given by my friends .

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I first started making collages by decorating some “boxes of...” according to the content of the box, which clearly gave me indications to decorate it.

Then I decorated notebooks covers (A4 or A3 format) essentially dedicated to role-playing game.

But I started feeling that it was not big enough, I wanted to let free rein to my imagination!
So I decorated A1 paper format and now I mainly create collages in B3 format.

I hope you will enjoy my collages as much as I do while creating them!

How do I work?


I first start gathering a lot of different magazines with diversified contents.

Then I make a first selection by tearing out the pages that contain the images I want.

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